Hinton Estate Vineyard
  2008 Bottle   Hill Country Pinot Noir
Hinton Barrel Selection
Pinot Noir 2007
  Hinton Estate
Pinot Noir 2017
  Hinton Hill Country
Pinot Noir 2016
Hinton Estate
Pinot Gris 2016
  Hinton Estate
Riesling 2017
  Hinton Estate
Rose 2017
Hinton Estate
Viognier - SOLD OUT
  Hinton Hill Country
Merlot 2008 - SOLD OUT
Latest news
New Release Tasting 2012
3 November 2012
During Labour Weekend the Alexandra Basin has their annual New Release Tastings, with special guest Bob Campbell and other guests including Charmian Smith, Yvonne Lorking and Cameron Douglas please click on the link for an article from Yvonne Lorkin about the event.
100 years of fruit growing
7 November 2010
The Hinton family recently celebrated 100 years of fruitgrowing in the Alexandra Basin. Since a centenary was only going to come once in our lifetimes a super celebration was called for. Guests from all over New Zealand and the world came together for a weekend of celebrations and were taken on tours of the packhouse & winery, and orchard & vineyard. A celebration dinner catered by Flying Trestles (and of course complimented with Hinton wines) was held at the Unique Wedding Venue on Conroys Road, with entertainment povided by the Christchurch Court Jesters, who delighted the audience with their quick witted humour. Photos
Trophy for barrel selection!
26 may 2009
Another International Gold
20 May 2009
Newsletter - Autumn 2009
1 May 2009
Tasting Room Open
15 Jan 2009

Situated on the Rail Trail, cyclists, tourists and locals have been calling in for wine and fresh fruit sales.  The fantastic new courtyard provides a tranquil sun spot to relax, sample the wine, and watch the world go by. 

Air New Zealand Gold
25 Jan 2009
Hinton Estate Vineyard Pinot Noir 2007 receives a Gold Medal at the Air New Zealand Wine Awards 2008
Wine Challenge Gold
20 May 2008
Hinton Estate Vineyard Pinot Noir 2006 wins Gold Medal at UK International Wine Challenge
Bragato Gold
3 June 2008
Hinton Estate Vineyard Pinot Noir Barrel Selection 2007 wins Gold at Bragato Awards

Hinton Estate Vineyard - Pinot Noir 2002
Viticultural practices  

There are a lot of similarities between growing premium fruit and premium grapes. The vineyards have been established on steep north facing slopes where the terrain is too tough for summerfruit but absolutely ideal for grapes. Soils are schist based and free draining. A variety of different clones have been picked to suit the sites.

The grapes are grown on a Vertical Shoot Postioned (VSP) trellis system and generally spur pruned. Tucking, trimming and leaf plucking are all performed by hand. Harvesting has and will always be conducted by hand to obtain premium quality. The various clones ripen at different times and special attention is given to ensuring grapes are only picked once optimum ripeness, flavour and character have been reached.

Screw caps  

We too appreciate the romance of having a bottle of wine with a cork closure, but for quality reasons we have decided to use screw caps. The screw cap benefits the end consumer as too often wines can become tainted when sealed with improperly treated cork closures. A common taint is TCA (2-4-6 trichloroanisole) which creates a musty mouldy off odour in the wine. To ensure no problems and a premium product every time we believe screw caps are best.

For more information about the advantages of screw caps, visit the New Zealand Screw Cap Wine Seal Initiative.