Hinton Estate Vineyard


Hinton Estate Pinot Noir 2017
Hinton Estate Pinot Noir 2008 Bottle
Tasting notes
A dark-red garnet colour, which exhibits ripe tasty fruit and herb aromas on the nose. Touches of spice are present on the palate along with mushroom, smoky bacon and a hint of leather.
Winemaker's notes
There are eight different clones of pinot noir planted in the Hinton Estate vineyard. As the terrain is steep and undulating each clone has been selected for specific spots in the vineyard to enhance the natural differences between these clones.
During this vintage each clone was hand harvested at optimum maturity and kept in separate batches. Each batch was treated differently; some received more skin contact than others, varying from 20 days with the second batch to 32 days with the fifth batch. Different yeasts were used to perform the fermentation and once pressed off all the wine went straight to barrel still in their separate batches.
Twelve Months later blending time came along which was very exciting as all the hard work came to fruition. The diversity in flavours and characters between each of the batches was very apparent and very interesting. Some wines were soft, fruity and sleek while others were heavier, bolder and more tannic. Blended together they make a great wine.
Awards and reviews
Gold Medal - New Zealand Wine of the Year Awards 2018
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