Hinton Fruit - Employment information

Work Available

- Experienced Hydralada Operators for winter pruning

Please contact Sarah on wine@hinton.co.nz for further information, references will be required.

- Orchard & Vineyard Supervisor

The ideal applicant would have some experience as an orchard and/or vineyard supervisor, be organized, have the ability to coordinate and deal with staff, work well under pressure and want to take responsibility.  Qualifications would be an advantage although not necessary.
Please contact Sarah on wine@hinton.co.nz

Below is a description of our seasons and the employment that is available in these months.


Late October

Fruit Thinning
Vineyard work


Fruit Thinning
Vineyard work

Early December

Fruit Thinning
Vineyard work

End December

Fruit Thinning
Cherry harvest and cherry packing
Vineyard work


Cherry, apricot harvest, and packing
Vineyard work


Peach, nectarine & plum harvest
and packing


Grape harvest


Grape harvest




Thinning: Fruit thinning starts around mid to late October and goes right through to mid/late December. Thinning involves pulling surplus fruit off the trees and letting it fall on the ground, which allows the remaining fruit to grow bigger.

Fruit picking: Fruit is harvested end December to April, with the peak times of harvesting being January and February.

Packing: Fruit is packed in the packhouse located in Alexandra.

There are approximately 50 beds available in backpacker style accommodation on the orchard. Alexandra and Clyde have backpacker accommodation as well as three camping grounds, two of which have cabins. These camping grounds are located within easy walking distance of our packhouse in Alexandra, and are ideal for people working in the packhouse.

It is advisable, but not essential, for workers staying on the orchard to have some form of transport

If you are not a New Zealand resident or are not legally entitled to work in New Zealand then you will need to apply for a work permit or holiday working visa. Some nationalities are entitled to get working holiday visas, and you should get in touch with a New Zealand embassy or consulate in your own country to find out if you are eligible, and get the holiday working visa before you arrive in New Zealand.

If you cannot get a working holiday visa you would need to get a work permit. For more information about applying for a work permit and/or determining whether you are eligible to apply then please visit the New Zealand Immigration web site.

If you are already in New Zealand without a work permit, and want to work, then it will still be possible, although no guarantees, to obtain a work permit. We would have to support your application with the immigration department and success would depend on the availability, or lack of it, of local labour.

You also will need a tax number, which you can obtain from the Inland Revenue Dept. This is straightforward.

Thinning and packhouse work are paid on an hourly rate, whereas most of the picking is paid on contract rate, meaning you are paid for what you pick.

Remember that picking and packing are manual labour and you need to be fit.

Central Otago is fast becoming the adventure capital of the world, and is renowned for its scenery and Lord of the Rings countryside. There is plenty to see and do in Central Otago. The orchard is about a 50 minute drive from both Wanaka and Queenstown.

Alexandra is the closest township to the orchard has a population of about 5000 with all the general services that you will require. There is a supermarket, banks, post office, cafés, restaurants, backpackers, camp grounds and a local library which has internet access. Alexandra also has a modern swimming facility with outdoor and indoor pools as well as a therapeutic pool and spa. For further information about Central Otago then click here.

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